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Whether your project is a documentary, drama or reality, commercial content, TVC or corporate, studio-based or live outside broadcast - the quality of sound recording it delivers will be a vital part of its effectiveness. Check out these terrific showreel examples to see the location sound recording results SOUND ETC delivers, or find out more about the company right here





Hearing is Believing.

Brett Oliver is a hugely respected Sydney based location sound recordist, and set up the company in 2013. He has quickly built a reputation delivering high-quality sound recording results across a wide range of projects. Brett is both highly professional and thoroughly passionate about sound, uses state of the art recording equipment and keeps up-to-date with the latest in sound recording techniques. He works diligently to recreate the sound quality people expect to hear, time after time.

His extensive portfolio of credits show Brett is the go-to guy for so many key projects. These include both commercial and promotional work for top brands such as Foxsports, Google and Woolworths, Virgin Australia, Malaysian Airlines and SBS. Add to this impressive list KFC and SyFy, BBC and Channel 7, ABC and NBC/Universal, Style Channel and more. Individual credits include Lah Lah's Adventures, Precinct 13, MNA101, Playschool and Changing Faces.

"I've always loved music, both playing and listening to it, and this led to a natural enthusiasm for, and curiosity about, sound. After gaining my Bachelor of Audio degree from the SAE Institute in Sydney, I only ever wanted to thrive in this amazing industry, working as a location sound recordist to capture the finest of sound for film and TV projects."

Home is by Sydney's northern beaches, where beach and bush is a magical way to live your life!


Brett has worked for many top clients, across the communication and broadcast spectrum, including...



Brett's commitment to sound excellence sees him work only with the finest of audio products and leading brand names...

Field Mixers

Utilising Sound Devices products. Sound Devices is a company which supplies a complete line of audio mixers and recorders, that are used by AV professionals worldwide who know great productions need great gear



An arsenal of microphones for any production needs. Using world renowned brands such as Sennheiser, DPA and Sanken to capture dialogue and effects

A range of other equipment is available by request with notice


A bullet proof IFB package for wireless listening back utilising Lectrosonics R1a's

Powered by Lectrosonics. Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service and innovation


Supplied by Ambient, a high accuracy portable timecode system with a small footprint


Boom poles, windjammers, blimps

and plenty of cables and other gear to tackle any situation

Lectrosonics Logo
Sound Devices
KTek Pro
DPA Microphones
Ambient Recording


Whatever the needs and scope of your project, a great first step is to contact Brett for an obligation-free assessment of your sound recordist needs. You'll find quick contact details below...







Nielitz 20a 

Loitz, 17121



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Location Sound Recordist.

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